Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Coral Carter & Deanne Leber, Poetry Reading 31st October 2010

Home cure for obsession

I have tried

alcohol gluttony starvation
nicotine sugar chocolate earth tea
herbal pills sleeping waking walking
pacing laughing crying
cognitive therapy
flagellation drugs masturbation
prayer prostration meditation
writing painting screaming ashes
sackcloth self harm hypnotherapy
oxygen deprivation
begging sobbing pleading
electric shock isolation
talking listening

Dr Phil

a nice cup of tea

any suggestions?

~Coral Carter

Baby Blue – For Ezekiel

It is as though my heart grew arms and legs
and was swaddled by a blue blanket
some winged angel
plucking you from your cloud
placing you in my arms

I’m still surprised that you spilt from my thighs
and how your father had the sense to mop the floor
so the cat doesn’t drink it he explained
as the last tear trickled down my toes
before stirrups and epidurals missed their spot

I grew into pain that day

It is time I pulled you into a poem
but no matter how I try to wrap my alphabet
around your aaaaahs your eeeees
your gentle coooos
nothing expresses love as you do

I know the science
take one sperm and one egg
and kazamm!
the big bang!
a universe begins!
But there is no equation
no explanation of enzymes or stars
or cells dividing that can capture
all of you

There is no me and you
I cannot see where I end
and you begin
in my belly
on my belly

You have just come
from speaking with angels
by the time you can tell us your banter
the meanings will have gone

I used to think that the universe
could best express itself in words
until you came along
my baby blue
my son

~Deanne Leber

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